Welcome to the
Trenton Catholic
Golden Wave Club
P.O Box 9117 Trenton, NJ 08650
E-mail: bobplumeri@aol.com

Rev. Clarence O’Shea Award
Linda Weise, Allentown HS

Father Armand Sorrento Tough Guy Award
Frank Bencivengo, Class of 1961

Dave Bookholdt Good Guy Award
Richard A. Lind,  Class of 1943
Past Preseident Serra International

Andrea Nami Paprocka
Founder and President
Women With A Purpose

The Ultimate Good Guy Award
John K. Rafferty, Class of 1956

Jack Cryan Award
Trey Lowe, Ewing HS

Renee Keister-Balke Award
Gaby Bennett, Steinert HS

TCGWC Scholarship Awards
Gaby Bennett, Steinert HS
Erin Maloney, Notre Dame HS
Kelly Tinsman, Notre Dame HS
Jane Minar, Allentown HS
Russell Petranto, Donovan Catholic HS
Katelyn Gaudet. Council Rock HS
Madison Chant, Seneca HS

Joe Logue Scholarship
Ben Schragger,
Hopewell Valley Central  HS

Doug Hice Award
Gaby Bennett, Steinert HS

Father Clarence can light up
his victory cigar today.  More
than 250 Golden Wave Club
men and women gathered at
the Nottingham Ballroom on
Sunday, May 3, 2015 to
celebrate the last Memorial
Breakfast. Those who
received scholarships or
award are shown on the list to
the right.

The 2015 honorees where
joined by past recipients of the
prestigious Rev. O'Shea
Award and a host of other past
award winners.

And so it ended ... with dignity
and  thanks to club president
Bob Plumeri and his tireless
executive committee.  They
will join other club members,
alums, former students and
friends in keeping the Trenton
Catholic ball in the air for as
long as possible;.  Meanwhile,  
Fr. Clarence can hear the
all net" sound of one more